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Patrium provides complex business intelligence services to individuals and organisations across the world.  The founders have extensive experience developing successful intelligence gathering techniques using a combination of sources to join seemingly disparate links, people and data together. 

"We have extensive experience and skill in combining OSINT, HUMINT and our own EXINT¹ data to gather statistically relevant maps that enhance the efficient use of time and resources."


A great deal of time and resources are channeled into Research and Concept Development and AOT (Ahead of Time) planning, to ensure we can stay ahead of the curve in an environment of exponential technological growth.

We are a Private Intelligence Agency PIA) of highly professional, experienced people with extensive knowledge of laws, cultures, business and commercial practices in many varied jurisdictions.  We work closely with other professions especially in cases of litigation and the uncovering of commercial activities to supplement or drive your due diligence process.


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Due Diligence

Understanding what other people see....

Our diverse experience opens a wide variety of different channels of communication and significantly improves our business intelligence gathering.  Recruiting from all walks of life, we make the best use of assets from across the globe.  Acutely aware that although change is inevitable, people and their behaviour invariably follows a similar pattern.


The Patrium Intelligence Research & Concepts (PIRC) team specialises in Ahead of Time thinking and practical advances in a wide variety of markets to suit both commercial and governement organisations.

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Find out what is really happening

and why.

Our deep due diligence investigations obtain information you need about your adversaries. We know how far to tread legally  and combine creative lateral thinking, data gathering techniques and a deep understanding of human psychology 

to identify weaknesses and opportunities. We dissect some of the most complex corporate structures to assist case building with local regulators and lawyers by providing previously unknown information for litigation purposes.  A case can take from a few hours to a few months and is wholly dependant on the degree of investigation you want, and how sensitive the matter is.  Our access to, and use of, closed and open source intelligence as well as the human intelligence available, is a key factor in our successes.


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