Over the last decade, intelligence services in both the Government and Private sectors have seen a huge shift in direction, largely due to exponential digitisation and the rapid growth in technology.  It is no longer enough to keep up with these advances but imperative to have access to the sorts of intelligence resources we offer to anticipate and pre-empt change, and may be ever help direct it.  A further shift that occurred during that period has been the emergence of smaller and more autonomous groups of specialists, as opposed to larger entities who have historically sought to influence corprorate or political events.  What ever your view is on these changes, the fact is they have occurred and it is our job to ensure we are well prepared for what comes next.  This is one reason why the demand for intelligence firms such as Patrium is growing because the pace of change is increasing at an exponential rate.  In order for you or your firm to remain, not only secure but protected from potentially unforeseen events, investing in accurate and reliable intelligence resources is paramount.

Our core focus is on our strengths and to identify what is it that makes us different from the pack.  For some clients that may well come in time as longer terms relationships grow and the full extent of Patrium's reach becomes apparent.  However, whatever the task is, we will ensure it is right for your requirements and is done so professionally, discreetly and intelligently.

Enhanced Due Diligence

We really do have an eye for seeing things others will often miss.  That is a crucial asset in an intelligence environment where digesting vast amounts of data, sometimes manually, requires something a little special.  If it is there...we will find it.  Sometimes the skill is knowing when to discard certain connections once they have been made, and pursuing those likely to yield results.

Strategic Advice

Intelligence work can be about isolation, however it is much more about working together to achieve a common goal.  With the best will in the world, if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing...someone has to be the 'surgeon' and make decisions and provide strategic advice when it is needed.

Fintech / AML

Understanding weaknesses in humans as well as hi-tech systems go together.  We have wide ranging experience and opportunities in the Financial Markets, including AI, AML processes, compliance and the legal/regulatory environment. ..in the UK and throughout Europe

Intelligence Gathering

Although a rather wide subject to summarise here, in this context, we mean rolling our sleeves up when needed.  Not all intelligence gathering is desk bound or computer dependent.  Local presence and local knowledge is also vital and that is something we have experience of, in abundance.

New and Events


Who is Patrium?

Patrium Intelligence focuses on what we know we are good at.  We are aware of what those strengths consists of based on experience in specific fields over many years.  Add to that our complete dedication of time and resources 24/7 if we must, to getting the task completed, we focus on our core expertise in the following areas:

  • Enhanced due diligence and intelligence gathering operations across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Local working knowledge of diverse and multi-cultural environments, specifically UK, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

  • Dispute resolution utilising in-house legal, compliance and commercial expertise in global markets.

  • Cross-border investigations conducted sensitively and diligently utilising local, field operations when required.

  • Access to decades of experienced, specialised Financial Markets and FinTech resources from the highest levels.

  • Asset tracking, AML and Fraud investigations carried out by certified individuals suitably vetted and experienced.

  • Facilitating relationships between multi-national corporations and influencers.

  • Identification of individuals posing  security risks.

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